The Lyberix development team is always working on the evolution of the project and listening on what users have to say so we have decided to start a series of daily articles in order to provide information on what are we doing.

Today we start talking about the masternode setup. We have received some complaints on the masternode setup process so we have decided to prepare a script so you can deploy your masternode easily. You will still need to follow the steps in the Masternode Setup Guide in your control wallet but you will only need to execute the script to download, install prerequisites and setup the masternode in your VPS.

You can download the Masternode scripts in Lyberix´s Github site. There is a version for Ubuntu 16.04 and another one for Ubuntu 18.04. Try it and feel free to send us your comments.

Here are the directo links to download both versions:

Masternode script for Ubuntu 16.04

Masternode script for Ubuntu 18.04

Just download it and execute it with root permissions.

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