• Name
  • Symbol
  • Algorithm
  • Block Time
    1 min
  • Staking age
    4 hours
  • Maturity
    50 blocks
  • Rewards

    1. 1 - 58001
    1. 5801 - 1800024
    1. 18001 - 7800032
    1. >7800116
    A great opportunity.

    Money brings money! In the Lyberix network the more money you invested, the more you earn. If you have a masternode you will not only earn money from PoS mining but there will be regular rewards for backing up the system. To own a masternode you must have your Lyberix coins frozen in your account. Read and follow our guide on how to have a masternode. Lyberix is a proof of concept of a larger project, so it gives more profit than the rest of the PoS coins !!!

    Besides you will have premium access to the real project and for every three lyberix you will receive a token of the new currency (let's call it lyberix 2.0 for now) so it's a win win situation!!!

    Official Wallets
    Other Downloads

    Lyberix will be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • raisex Raisex.io
    • cryptobridge
      Crypto-bridge (soon)
    • graviex
      Graviex (soon)
    • graviex
      biteBTC (soon)
    Shared Masternodes

    You can buy shared masternodes.